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Jose Manuel Ruiz Tamez is a Mexican 80kg fighter from Okami Martial Arts. He is a regional Muay Thai champion, number two on the nation according to IMBA on Muay Thai, and a regional boxing champion in 2017.

Martial Arts Records:
Muay Thai: 9-0-1
Kickboxing:  8-0
Boxing: 3-1
BJJ: 0-1
Team: Okami Martial Arts

Age: 20 years old

What makes you stand out? 
I always give the best of me during the fight camp and the fight as well, I always give
exiting fights to watch, I’m a guy with very heavy hands who is not afraid to brawl and tries to never backpedal. I´m obsessed with becoming the best version possible of me as well as fighting as smart as possible. Always look to become a smarter and a better fighter. The first thing I do in the morning is training and the last thing I do before going to sleep is training. I´m always training and fighting smarter and harder.

Josè Manuel Ruiz Tamez

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