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Description: I am a mixed martial artist fighting out of B.S.T academy Northampton, England and have competed in BJJ competitions as well as MMA bouts.


Martial arts Record:
MMA: 4-0-0

Country of residence: England

Team: BST academy


What makes you stand out? 
 I am currently a 19 year old fighter and have been training since I
was 15. I’m not someone who’s going to claim to be a boxer or wrestler etc.
style type of fighter, I am simply a mixed martial artist who enjoys all aspects
of the fight game. Most fighters would say that they are born to be a fighter
and that it’s the only thing they know to do. However in my case, growing up I
was doing well academically and had good grades and so on (basically the last type of person you would expect to take up this sport), I had the opportunity to choose anything I want to do but I chose to fight which I believe makes me a unique fighter. I didn’t choose fighting because it was my only choice but because I love the lifestyle and freedom that comes with it…way better than doing a 9-5 job for the rest of my life.

What type of sponsorship are you looking for?

I am mainly looking for a sponsor who can provide funding towards my training for private one to ones and classes Etc. I will also be grateful for sponsors who can provide fight gear or supplements again to aid me through my training.

Ahsan Ahmed

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