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Description: I’m a 20 year old fighter from Estonia. I go by the name Calista the “Elbow Hunter”. I’m mostly known for my long knees and cutting my opponents up with elbows. I’ve been living in Phuket for the past 5 years, but at the moment I’m located in Estonia. I am the WMC World Champion in 52kg, Kambingwhit Champion in 52kg, Southern Thailand Champion in 51kg, Kard Chuek Fight Champion in 53kg, 3x Bangla Stadium Champ, 1x Rawai Champion, 1x Galaxy Stadium Champion and 2x Estonian Champion in Muay Thai. I’m also the face for Kambingwhit Energy Drink and Muay Siam Kard Chuek. 


Martial Arts Record:


Muay thai: 80-11-3 


Country of Residence: Thailand/Estonia


Team: My previous gym was Revolution Muay Thai in Phuket, at the moment I don’t have a gym to train at. 


What makes you stand out? 

What I believe makes me stand out is my heart and love for Muay Thai. Cringey? I know  I grew up in a bad neighborhood and had a hard past, Muay Thai is what saved me and gave me something to fight for. Its all I have. I’ve sacrificed everything to get to this point, my old gym taught me what it takes to become a champion. I was trained tough old school style by my old trainer, who showed me what hard work and dedication is really like, picking on every single thing I do, punishing me with a  100 push ups everytime I did something even a little wrong, constantly pushing me over my limits. He was tough on me both during and after training, controlling what I eat, what time I sleep, where I go and when I get to use my phone. It was tough to constantly have that pressure on you, nothing was ever good enough, I thought about quitting every single day. But the results never failed to show when it came to fighting. No opponent has ever hit me as hard as my trainer did during the training, nothing could shock me during the fight because I’d already seen it all in training before and my cardio was so good I could walk forward for 20 rounds with full energy and power. Looking back I believe it was all worth it and this is what made me a champion. I lived with a Thai family for years who I consider my family, they have a small gym where I trained and they took care of me like their own child. I also believe I have an “advantage” on other foreigner fighters because I can speak fluent Thai, one thing is the language barrier but a lot of the older trainers I’ve met simply don’t want to teach the foreigners their secrets, but I’ve learned tons of absolute gems from them most foreigners have no clue about, giving me a huge advantage during fights. I’m not that popular with foreigners but I have a huge follower base in Thailand, people recognize me all over Southern Thailand and ask for photos everywhere I go. I’m specially popular among the younger generation, who often text me and tell me I’m their idol and inspiration. This only makes me want to work even harder and reach my dreams even further. 


What type of Sponsorship are you looking for?

I’m looking for any kind of sponsorship. I’ve never been the one to ask anyone for help but because of covid I was forced to go back to Estonia. I had to leave behind my dog, friends and family, my career and my everything. Its been extremely tough on me. I don’t have a proper place to train here. I had to choose between a gym membership and a Muay Thai Gym membership, the MT one only trains 3 times a week and its mostly beginners, so I chose the gym where I can at least run and do bagwork. I’m used to running 12km every morning in the mountains, followed by a 3h Muay Thai class, shower, eat, sleep, 5k run in the afternoon and another 2-3h of Muay Thai, all that 6 times a week. 3 times a week just doing combos simply won’t do it for me. Its been hard and I’ve been struggling to even find anything to eat, I can’t get a job because of covid, I did waitressing but was let go because of the pandemic. I’m just trying to do my best to keep fit until I can go back home in Thailand. 

Calista Parts

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