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Description: I am an Irish born fighter, living in the South West English countryside. I fight out of Team Chaos Gym, which is based in Okehampton, Devon. Currently ranked number 7 in the UK.My first professional (A class) fight, was my last one- which was for the Muay Thai Grand Prix British title. I didn’t win that fight, but as the saying goes, ‘you win or you learn’ and I learned far more than I anticipated! Not necessarily about the fighting itself, but about the many other aspects of fighting on a larger platform, which on this occasion, threw me way out of my comfort zone. A very valuable lesson- and I’m grateful I learned it on my first pro fight.


Martial arts Record:

Muay Thai: 0 win 1 draw 2 loss
Country of residence: England

Team: Team Chaos Gym, Okehampton. Coaches: Steve Pender & Christi Brereton


What makes you stand out? 

I don’t give up. I might not do as well I’d like sometimes, but I’ll always keep going until I’m finished what I’ve set myself to do. And that’s the same when I fight. I’m stubborn (since the day I was born apparently!) determined and adaptable.

What type of sponsorship are you looking for?

Here, I am going to list the things I have listed anyway that I feel I need to make my training better. These are things I plan on getting / doing anyway, but if I can receive any help with any of it, I’d be very grateful!


Shin pads (I’ve had mine since nearly the beginning and they have holes in now!)


A big rucksack for my training gear. I was using a shopping bag to get to and from the gym, but thankfully for now, my brother has lent me his big rucksack. Also, I have found someone to regularly lift share to and from the gym too last night! So that is definitely helpful!


Any training gear would be gratefully received! Like shorts, sports tops. This might not be a usual request, but I have a very large chest- and wear two sports bras to training. It would be great to have more of them for sure! I run out very quickly!


Massages / physio is definitely could do with, but cannot afford right now- definitely something I’ll be changing regardless in the future!


Of course- any financial help towards training costs would be gratefully received! I train at two gyms, so that’s where a big chunk of my money goes!

Chloe Murphy

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