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1. Description
Grace Spicer is a professional female English muay thai fighter from South London. She competes in the A-Class at 50-51kg, and holds the following titles:
IKF World champion
WBC international champion
WBC National Champion
IKF British Champion
ISKA southern area Champion

She Fought all around the world, including Australia and Japan.


2. Martial Arts Records:
Muay Thai (professional): 22-5-0

3. Team:
Andy Howson & Rory Crawford
Bad Company & Keddles Gym



4. Age: 26


5. What Makes you Stand Out?
I think the fact I had to work so hard to even be able to fight. Originally my mum and dad didn’t want me too. I had to go to the gym and train without them knowing. Still 15 years old at school I didn’t have any money, so I helped in the gym take the kids classes and ladies classes for my training sessions in return. My first few fights were without anyone knowing apart from a few friends. They are always there for me now and proud of me. But the fact I had to do so much to even get in the ring makes me push myself when ever it gets hard in there!

Grace Spicer

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