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Description: At Purple Belt, I made the National Final at u80kg – I also made the final of the Abu Dhabi Grand Slam London 2020 at u77kg. Due to Covid there has not been further opportunity to compete, I have however also participated in a number of superfights particularly for SSF and Oasis Submission Superfights, where I have fought and won some of the leading fighters throughout the North of England.


I am the Head Coach of Halton BJJ (Instagram @halttonbjj) Where I have 30 students, Alongside my own training I love to run this club to give the people in my area a chance to train BJJ. I feel this would also help in sponsorship, as I am able to advertise this to my students, my affiliation (200 members) and my followers (2,000)


Martial Arts Records: BJJ (unofficial): 7-2 at Purple Belt. 


Country of Residence: England


Team: Halton BJJ 


What Makes you Stand out? 

In a world where Leg Locks is the new craze, I believe that my traditional fighting style in Particular the emphasis on the Gi makes me stand out from the rest of the fighters in the UK today, I prefer the old school, lapel chokes and my open guard is always commended as being very tough to pass.


What type of Sponsorship are you looking for? 

I am looking for sponsorship to help with training and competing, whether that be in the form of training apparel, or gum shields, finger tape, or nutrition. I believe that I have demonstrated that I should be considered a quality competitor at my rank throughout the UK and that the additional support in sponsorship will help me continue this whilst also providing the biggest stages in BJJ for their brand to be exposed to.

Liam McCully

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