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Description: Luke Williamson a British fighter fighting out of Silver Spirit Muay Thai in Basildon, Essex. He won hisfirst fight at the Sandee Open Championships in the 58kg division, and is now looking to be the most feared fighter in muay thai between 54-57kg.


Martial Arts Record

Muay Thai: novist record :1-2, C class record:1-0 


Team: Silver spirit muay thai, Head coach Sean silver 


Age: 16


What makes you stand out? 

I started muay thai when I was 15 and was thrown in to the deep end fighting teens my age who have been brought up into the sport from a young age. Determined to make my name known, I won my first fight in a title bout at the Sandee Open Championships against a tough opponent. I went on a 2 fight loosing streak but not without a bloody war against the top fighters in the UK. I needed to win, so I stepped up and wanted to fight without the pads as a C-class fighter, I jumped that ladder and it payed off as I won. Not put off from loses, I was determined to win and did. I'm looking to fight the best of the best around the world, and not for easy wins; I'm looking for wars. I am a pure muay thai fighter.

Luke Williamson

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