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Description: Matthew Pickering is an ex MMA fighter out of Mushin Liverpool. He was also a British combat sambo champion 2014 and represented the UK in Croatia at the European Championships 2015 (he placed 4th). 


Now, Matthew focus solely on BJJ; he a 4 stripe purple belt. Matthew has won many regional tournaments and has achieved Gold at the National Masters in Hereford at Purple belt. He has also had some super fights in the UK. Here are some of his accomplishments: 


British champion 2014 Combat Sambo; Silver medalist at british champs 2013; Gold Medalist at Scottish open 2013.


In BJJ I've won several regional competitions and won the National masters at Purple belt 2018.


Martial Arts Record

Amateur MMA: 2-1 


Country of Residence: UK


Team: Previously at Mushin Liverpool, Then moved to Lucio Sergio Dos Santos for BJJ. Currently training out of Liverpool BJJ academy under Terrence Yu and Juliano Rocha




What Makes you Stand out? 

I'm unusual because I'm primarily a scientist and I manage the technical side of the biomedical health laboratories in a university. I help out with the research and I am a trained Phlebotomist, Health and safety officer, and technician.


I have a First class Honours degree in Human Biology and a Masters Degree in Research methods.


However, my true passion is Martial arts where I am the kids coach and takedown coach in BJJ and I'm also a Thai Boxing coach in which I have trained for 20 years.  


What type of sponsorship are you looking for? 

I'm looking for gear, supplements, or apparel to support my training and competition. I compete regularly and my job just about supports my family during these difficult covid related times.

Matthew Pickering

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