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Description: My name is Max Tucker I am a 17 year old mixed martial artist with a kickboxing base. I’ve competed in pankration before as well as many Jiu jitsu tournaments. I’ve won tournaments in the Nabjjf previously. 


Martial arts record
Pankration- 1-0
MMA- coming soon (when I’m 18)
Muay Thai- coming soon (when I’m 18)
Kickboxing- coming soon (when I’m 18)



 Blackhouse MMA team

Elite Training Center Fight Team 


Age: 17

What Makes you Stand out?

I’m unique as I have a very flashy and evasive kickboxing style as well as having an extremely long reach for my weight class (125 and I’m 6’2) will move up to bantam and featherweight in the future

Max Tucker

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