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1. Description:

Melissa Mullins is an amateur female MMA athlete. She is going to compete for the UK in Bahrain in November for the IMMAF/WMMA (unified amateur body of mixed martial arts). She is a Silver medallist 🥈 2019 European IMMAF (unified body of amateur MMA), Kleos Grappling 2018 Middle weight,Kleos Grappling 2018 Open division division 🥇,British Open (GI) Middle weight 🥇,British Open (Gi) Open division 🥈

2. Martial Arts Records:


Amateur MMA: 5-3-0

3. Team: James Dixon MMA and BJJ/Warren Smith Boxing /Dean James Muay Thai/Lions Gym Coventry AkA Gracie Barra Coventry):  

4. Age:  28

5. What Makes you Stand Out?
I am the only female in the UK to have all wins so far via T(ko). I am an all rounded fighter, and train as if I am a professional. I am a FA level 1 & 2 football coach, as well as a full-time gymnastics coach, where I am a BG level 1 General Gymanstics Coach and BG level 2 woman artistic coach. I graudated unviersity with a BS of Sports and Exercise Science, and am a level 2 personal trainer.

Melissa "No Mess" Mullins

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