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1. Description:

Paige Gregory is an English Muay Thai fighter fighting out of the Knowsley Academy. She has been training for over 3 years and won the Sander Championships at 58kg, and the Sande open at 60kg under the age of 18. 


2. Martial Arts Records:

Muay thai: 3-7-0


3. Team: Christian Knowles from Knowsley academy previously trained by Kieran Keddle

4. Age: 17


5. What Makes you Stand Out?
Although I may not have a high win record I still see myself getting to the top although it might not be soon I won’t give up on it! This makes me unique because the challenges I face when fighting some people may not overcome them but I do in aid of knowing that I will get there someday to be no1 and I won’t give up on it!


Paige Gregory

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