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Who we are and what we are about:
Raksha Fitness Gear was founded by Kalan Malhotra with a view to help athletes and martial artists. He developed Raksha (meaning Defense) and has involved athletes from the get-go of the process. Hence the USP - Designed by fighters, for fighters. 


Who we are looking for: 

 We are looking for fighters who are humble and down to earth. The main quality we want in any athlete (let alone fighter) is drive to success. We want this person to be influential in their own words and to be able to inspire other athletes to win big too. We ideally want athletes with a great social media engagement to represent the brand.


Sponsorship Opportunity:

We offer an affiliate program, where we offer commission on any items sold via the athlete - get in touch with @rakshafitnessgear to hear more about the offer. 

Raksha Fitness Gear

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