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Sean Fagan is a professional Muay Thai fighter who currently represents Diamond Muay Thai in Thailand. He is a two-time amateur champion and a veteran of over a dozen fights in Thailand fighting on nationally televised promotions. He is also the biggest influencer in the Muay Thai niche with his brand ‘Muay Thai Guy’ which has over 800k+ fans on Facebook, 115k subscribers on Youtube and 150k Instagram followers.


Martial Arts Records: 

Muay Thai: 24-9  


Team: Diamond Muay Thai


Age: 31


What makes you stand out? 

I’m an entertaining fighter who always puts on an exciting performance regardless of my opponent. I’ve overcome incredible adversity in fights, including fighting (and winning) a championship bout with a broken arm for 5 rounds. Besides my fighting skill, I am the largest influencer in the Muay Thai world and can get any brand incredible exposure. My fan base reaches far beyond 2 million combined and with my marketing skills I am able to make sure any brand gets a solid return on their investment in sponsoring me.

Sean Fagan

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