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1. Who we are and what we are about:

We are Teki Fightwear Ltd. Our philosophy is to give martial artists the best product, both durable and affordable while offering captivating customer experiences that drive long-term loyalty.


2. Who we are looking for: 

The type of fighter we are looking for is someone who is dedicated and motivated at what they do. Someone who thrives on getting that 1% better each and everyday not just with their martial arts career but also as a person too. Someone who will represent our brand with pride and support us just as much as we will support them.


3.Sponsorship Opportunity:

We will provide fighters with training Apparel, Fight wear such as rashguards, spats, Vale tudo shorts, muay thai shorts etc. Each one of our fighters receives a custom rashguard designed by us with all their other sponsors on

Teki Fightwear

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