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1. Description

"The Jaguar" Mike Tchamou is a Cameroonian Sambo and MMA fighter fighting out of Newcastle Fight Centre in the United Kingdom. He is a 3 time African Combat Sambo Champion (from 2016-2018) in the 90kg division, and a 2018 Commonwealth Sambo Champion in the 100kg division. 


2. Martial Arts Records

Amateur MMA: 7-0-0

Pro Muay Thai:1-1-0

Pro K1: 1-1-0

International Sambo: 12-2-0

National Sambo: 16-2-0


3. Team: Newcastle Fight Centre 


4. Age: 28 


5. What Makes you Stand Out?

I help out the poor; after any competition I share my money with the people of my community. I have the blood of a jaguar in my body.

"The Jaguar" Mike Tchamou

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