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Description: Tyler 'The Hurricane' Hogan is an 18 year old active Muay Thai competitor fighting out of London Fight Factory in England. He is an under 62kg AFSO British Open champion (2019) and fights on high level shows like the 'Muay Thai Grand Prix' as well as regional shows at 130lbs.


Martial Arts record:

7-2 Muay Thai and Kickboxing (combined, N and C class)


Country of residence: England



London Fight Factory (LFF), trained by Aaron Ramos


What makes you stand out?

Despite being from a gym not known for it's Muay Thai I managed to achieve a significant amount in my first year of competition. Within my first year of fighting I fought 9 times (winning seven of them), winning an AFSO title, and made it to one of the biggest stages in the UK (Muay Thai Grand Prix). After struggling to find an opponent I took time to develop my skills as a coach and have taught several classes and individual students. 


Being a skinny and quite quiet person who was bullied at a young age, I go to show that with hard and smart work anyone can fight. In addition to this I am a younger fighter and have so much time to achieve greater things if I continue working as hard as I can. 


What type of sponsorship are you looking for?

Right now I am looking for gear, apparel, or supplement sponsorships that can help me with my training, coaching, and fight preparation.

Tyler Hogan

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