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1. Who we are and what we are about

We here at WonderStretch share the vision that flexibility and training is at the foundation of a great martial artist. Therefore, we designed the ultimate tool to support you on your flexibility journey; allowing you to perform flawless kicks with ease. Training is all about the grind, discipline and endurance you push your body and mind through to achieve the goals you desire. Commitment to such values is at the heart of our brand alongside our perpetual ethos of customer satisfaction and loyalty. #Controlthestretch


2. Who we are looking for?

We’re looking for someone to represent our brand – a frequent user of social media who can post regularly. We want them to promote our brand to athletes alike; spreading the importance of flexibility within martial arts training. Regardless of whether you are a professional or casual-based martial artist, your possessed traits and character should be alike and align with our core values. 


3. Sponsorship opportunity:


Affiliate program in which we offer a negotiable commission for referral purchases on our store. DM us @Wonderstretch on Instagram or message us on FB for more information.


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