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Sponsor The Fighters Company Spotlight: VitesseP

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

Hello everyone, welcome to the eleventh company spotlight!

This time I got to interview Renael, who runs his photography company called La Vitesse Photography. Without further ado, here is the interview with Renael!

Tell us a little bit about your brand. Who are you and what do you represent?

I'm a photographer who specializes in events Photography and content creation for social media use. We love working with small and upcoming projects, big business doesn't need any help.

What are some of your proudest moments in developing your brand?

The development of the team from 2 to 8, forging connections and work nationwide, new partnerships formed in Barcelona.

How do you spend your time building your brand (marketing, advertising, etc.)

Lots of automated systems, I use a variety of design apps to make videos and photos, regular Ads on Google and social media has really helped.

What are some of the hardships that you have faced when building your company, and how did you- or are planning to-overcome them? Growth is tricky, there's lots of competition and iPhones take really good pictures. To overcome this, oversell, undervalue. Showcase what iPhones cannot do, exploit my creativity and provide super high quality content at unimaginable pace. Where do you see your brand in 5-10 years? If you could summarize your brand in a quote, what would it be? A consultancy focused on content creation and training creatives.

A quote, High Quality, Fast. That's the company slogan.

What advice would you give to your past self of when you first started the company?

Keep taking pictures, keep making mistakes, keep being brave, apply for everything and anything.

Ideally interested in promoting female athletes and UK based gyms and teams but open to all proposals.

What do you look for when sponsoring someone? I look for 3 main things: Why the need for funding? What's the long term goal? And how will I benefit

Is there anyone you would like to give a shout out to? I currently sponsor 3 projects, one is a K1 Muay Thai Fighter, I also sponsor a Beauty business and a YouTube channel. So I have to shout out these guys.

Matt Holmes - PT and Muay Thai Fighter -

Lala London beauty - Get your vegan , natural products here -

Icecoldsho -Get your regular gaming, footy and anime fix here -


And that is the end of the interview! You can check out Renael's work on his website here, and reach out to him for his photography service on his Instagram or Facebook!

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