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Sponsor The Fighters Company Spotlight: Funky Fight Wraps

Hello Everyone, welcome to the Company Spotlight presenting Funky Fight Wraps! Funky Fight Wraps is a growing fight wrap company based in Bournemouth England. As you can see, they put a lot of fun and thought into making their hand wraps!

Without further ado, please check out this interview I did with Gary Corbett, the Founder of Funky Fight Wraps:

1. Tell us a little bit about your brand. Who are you and what do you guys represent?

Funky Wraps is an exciting new company that specializes in premium quality hand wraps with funky designs printed onto the wrap. Owned and managed by myself, Gary Corbett, a former low level MMA, muay thai and unlicensed boxing fighter from the south of England. After meeting my beautiful partner and starting a family I no longer had the time to dedicate to training at a competitive level so I started working on some awesome regional shows as a cage hand, cut man and judge, I love the sport and the community and I just want to be a part of it in some way.

2. What are some of your proudest moments in developing your brand?

On a personal note, I'm proud of myself for putting this company together, I've never been the entrepreneurial type, so I'm happy to move outside my comfort zone and try something different. With regards to Funky Wraps I'm just so proud to see all the photos of our clients wearing our wraps and every time we have a message from a client telling us how much they love the quality and designs of our wraps.

3. How do you spend your time building your brand (marketing, advertising, etc.)?

As a young company we have to make smart decisions with regards to how we utilize our funds. Luckily for us the fight community is a tight one and we support our own. We've had a great reception from other brands and companies. We're currently reliant on our clients spreading the word through social media and word of mouth around gyms. We also have a sponsorship agreement with the awesome Super Fight Series and the rapidly growing Supreme MMA brand here in Bournemouth.

4. What are some of the hardships that you have faced when building your company, and how did you (or how are you planning to) overcome them?

In the early days we had dozens and dozens of samples from suppliers all over the world before we found the premium quality we were after - having been involved in fight sports for the past 10 years, I knew exactly what I wanted and I refused to compromise on quality. We spent a lot of time sourcing the best quality wraps before we even looked at print quality and designs. At the beginning we really struggled with making professional designs, luckily for us we enlisted the help of an awesome Graphics Designer who created our logo and refined our designs. On the whole we've been blown away by how supportive the community has been, whether it be shout outs on social media, tagging friends on our posts, sharing our pages or even just messages of support - every one of you guys are awesome.

5. Where do you see your brand in 5-10 years? If you could summarize your brand in a quote, what would it be?

We're taking it slow, we're taking the scenic route and enjoying the process. You may have seen our wraps in your gym or online, soon you'll see our brand in the bright lights of some awesome fight shows and in the next 5 - 10 you'll see Funky Wraps on your favourite online store!

6. What advice would you give to your past self of when you first started the company/brand?

The same thing that I would have told myself as a young fighter - Work hard on the basics, surround yourself with positive people who want the best for you, support others and they'll support you - and when you're ready, pick your moment and run with it!

7. Are there any particular types of athletes you had in mind to sponsor?

we want to sponsor someone that aligns with our ethics. We stand for inclusiveness, diversity, positivity, loud and proud funky fighters!

8. What do you look for when sponsoring someone?

Titles, rankings and accolades are nice, but the most important thing for us is someone thats active on social media - someone engaging and fun! someone that people want to hear from, someone people want to watch and someone that makes people feel happy, positive and proud to be unique.

9. Do you have any projects or products you are working on/would like to promote?

We're slowly working on more and more designs, follow to be first to know about new releases and free give away competitions and top secret discount codes!

10. Is there anyone you would like to give a shoutout to?

First and foremost my beautiful partner for encouraging me to step outside my comfort zone. the Wassmuffin academy and their guys for their ongoing support always! And most importantly a HUGE thankyou to everyone that's showing off our awesome wraps to training partners. Today you're supporting Funky Wraps - in the future Funky Wraps could be sponsoring your gym, your local fight show, or even sponsoring you on your fight journey.


And that is the end of the interview! Please follow and support Funky Fight Wraps on Instagram and Facebook, and check out their website here! Also please let me know about what you thought about the interview in the comments below!

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