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Welcome to Sponsor The Fighters Blog!

Through this blog, I plan to share weekly updates about Sponsor The Fighters project. This will include actions I'm taking to help connect fighters with brands, steps I'm taking to grow my project, and problems that I came across.

I chose to do this because I noticed the power of documenting through my own martial arts journey.

To make the best of my progression within martial arts, specifically muay thai, I tried writing things down in a notebook. Documenting my muay thai training has helped me take a step back to see what I do right and what I do wrong. This would give me specific areas that I need to work more on, like improving clinch or countering teeps, which would ultimately helping me make progress.

I intend to use a similar process through this project, documenting the steps I'm taking to build Sponsor The Fighters and take it to the next level, as well as presenting the obstacles that I come across and how I try to overcome them.

I also plan to share more in depth stories about fighters and brands. I think this would be helpful in getting to know a fighter and a brand on a more personal level, which might open more doors and create opportunities for fighters and/or brands to connect and collaborate with one another. Having a better understanding of one another might give brands and fighters more of an incentive to collaborate with one another, especially if they have similar values and know how they might be able to help one another out.

Overall, I am documenting the journey of Sponsor The Fighters, and trying to provide more opportunities for fighters and brands to collaborate with one another. If you have any questions, suggestions, inquiries, or want to collaborate, please reach out to me through here: . Stay safe, looking forward to sharing my progress and working with you!


Rahmon Chapoteau

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